Mission and Aims of the Department of Nursing

The Department of Nursing University of Peloponnese was founded according to the published issue of Government Gazette 3391/2005/FEK/240/4-10-2005 and it began to function from the academic year 2005-2006, providing possibilities for a creative student life in an exceptional, natural and cultural environment in the town of Tripoli. The course provides modern studies in the fields of Nursing Science, in both professional and social needs  of our era.
The mission of the Nursing Department is to cultivate and promote the knowledge concerning the benefit of nursing services, and to give  students essential  skills   in order to complete their training for a scientific and professional career. The organization of undergraduate studies gives to the students appropriate scientific training with specialized knowledge in specific subjects of the department. The contribution of the Nursing Department  is the development of scientific studies  in combination with the requirements of high quality services and the use of new technologies.
The education provided by  the Department, aims in:
i) the effective promotion and exploitation of nursing methods and techniques   for the promotion and assurance of the quality of life in health and illness, that is, health care of a healthy person (prevention, treatment, rehabilitation) or the one that is sick, the family and the community.
ii) the rational management and their economic exploitation, so that the implementation of an integrated system of all parameters of Nursing Management in Greece is achieved and
iii) the promotion of the modern sector of Nursing Management with the use of new technologies.
Our goal is to expand the modern nurse's role, to a professional in health, social co-designer public official researcher, executive of education and mediator in the frame of multiform social relations and interactions.

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